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Tenants of Canberra Airport’s Business Parks are now able to manage their parking through a new online system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will be able to access the online parking system?
Contractors, part-time, and permanent workers based in Brindabella Business Park, Majura Park, and Fairbairn can access the online parking platform.
Alternative rates are available for more flexible working arrangements.
Payment machines are available in each car park for visitors, or casual ad-hoc parking, and do not require an online application.

What is the difference between pre-paid and a permit?
Pre-paid and permit parking passes provide parking in Brindabella Business Park, Majura Park and Fairbairn’s unreserved boom gated car parks.
Parking passes are not valid in any other parking areas. The parking pass will be active upon collection from the Customer Service Office
PRE-PAID: Pre-paid accounts are charged per stay according to the pre-paid rates table.
Pre-paid passes require a minimum initial charge and re-charge amount. Recharges can be set automatically upon a low account balance. You can opt to receive SMS messages for low balances or a failed recharge.
PERMIT: A permit account provides parking on a monthly basis and are automatically renewed on the first day of each month.
Terms and Conditions are available here.
For any further information please contact the Customer Service Team: parking@canberraairport.com.au, or on +61 2 6275 2227.

What credit cards are accepted?
The online parking system will accept either MasterCard or Visa Card, Debit or Credit.

How do I collect my parking card?
Once you have registered your parking online, go to the Customer Service Office located in P3, 17 Brindabella Circuit, Brindabella Business Park to collect your card.
Alternatively, you can arrange for your parking pass to be mailed out. This may take up to 5 business days from the time of request.

What do I do if a lose my card?
If you lose your card, contact the Customer Service Office at parking@canberraairport.com.au, or on +61 2 6275 2227 to arrange a new card. A replacement card will be charged at $27.50.

What happens if I switch between pre-paid and permit?
The balance of your account will be refunded. A fee will be charged based on the selections. Your parking card will remain the same.

What do I do if I have been charged incorrectly?
Contact the Customer Service Office via email at parking@canberraairport.com.au, or on +61 2 6275 2227.

How do I cancel my parking pass if I no longer work in the Airport Business Parks?
To cancel your parking pass, log on to your park charge account that you can access through airportbusinessparks.com.au/parking.
In the top right corner, you can select to cancel your account. Please ensure that you have downloaded any required tax invoices before closing your account.

Where can I view my tax invoices?
All payment receipts can be viewed and download on your Parkcharge account in the ‘Statement’ section (top right menu).

What car parks are available to me?
Public access boom-gated car parks within Brindabella Business Park, Majura Park, and Fairbairn.

Brindabella Business Park
Majura Business Park
Fairbairn Business Park

For more information call 02 6275 2227.


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