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The NABERS Energy rating for offices (previously ABGR), was launched in 1998. NABERS Energy benchmarks a building’s greenhouse impact on a scale of one to five; one star being the most polluting and five stars the least.

Under the previous ABGR scheme, 8 Brindabella Circuit was modeled to exceed the specifications of a 5 Star Rating. Buildings in each of the business developed after 8 Brindabella Cct, have been modeled to rate at an equivalent of 4.5 Star – 1.5 stars above the Australian industry standard good practice.

In order to achieve these best practice results, several unique design features have been adopted in the construction of commercial office accommodation at Canberra Airport, resulting in significant reductions in energy use and green house emissions:


  • Efficient use of glass and building orientation to maximise natural light and save on energy.
  • Active and passive chilled beam technology (a first in Australia at the time).
  • Maximum use of thermal mass in buildings.
  • Energy efficient lighting and the use of digital ballasts to control lighting frequency.
  • T5 lighting, reducing lighting load from 15 watt/m2 to 9 watts/m2.
  • Perimeter light sensors.
  • Ambient light detectors to set optimum lighting levels.
  • Prominent stairways to minimise lift usage.
  • External window shades and double-glazing for insulation.
  • Insulation to roof and walls.
  • Meters and monitoring.

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