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Cyber Security centre moves to Brindabella

Monday 15 May 2017

Canberra Airport is pleased to announce the Australian cyber security centre will soon be calling the Brindabella Business Park its new home.

The 11,000m2 centre at the Business Park will become the new hub for private and public sector collaboration and information-sharing to combat cyber security threats, housing around 700 people.

“We are very pleased to have the Australian Cyber Security Centre moving into Brindabella Business Park shortly which will bring cyber security capabilities from across the Australian Government together into a single location,” said Capital Property Group’s Head of Property, Richard Snow.

“They are going to be a fantastic addition to the precinct reinforcing Brindabella Business Park as Canberra’s Defence industry hub.”

The 20 commercial office building that make up the Brindabella Business Park is currently home to around 50 businesses employing approximately 5,000 staff.

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