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NEW Parking Rates – effective 1 August 2018

Parking Pass Per Day Cost  
Annual $6.45 $1,550
6 Monthly $7.33 $880
3 Monthly $7.50 $450
Monthly $7.75 $155
Fortnightly $8.25 $82.50
Weekly $8.50 $42.50
Daily $10.40 $10.40

There is an abundance of conveniently located parking available within Fairbairn, ensuring that your staff and clients never have to walk far from their car park to your workplace.

Convenient one-hour zones are also available for visitors directly in front of all office buildings.

Fairbairn tenants can purchase weekly, monthly, quarterly half yearly or yearly passes. These passes are available from the Brindabella Business Park car park office situated in the multi-storey car park on Brindabella Circuit. Please phone 6275 2237 for more information. Please note that overnight parking is not permitted in Fairbairn.

Pass card – Monthly , 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly or Annual.

These varieties of parking use a “Pass Card” system. This renewable card is purchased from the car park management office in the Brindabella Circuit multi-story car park. This card is scanned upon entry and exit to the car park by holding your card flat and still against the reader. (Do not swipe). This card also allows you the freedom of multiple entries & exits throughout the day.

Customers are eligible to receive a pro rata refund on annual passes should employment cease and is substantiated.

Hourly, Daily or Weekly

A parking voucher is dispersed at the boom gate upon entry into the car park. Parking tickets can be paid at a pay station prior to exit using cash or credit.

If you need to leave the car park throughout the day to attend a meeting or go out for lunch, you can do so by changing your ticket to an “All Day Ticket” at a pay station prior to your first exit. This ticket can then be used to re-enter and exit the car park throughout the day without any extra fees.  You can also change your ticket into a weekly pass prior to exit (pass expires in 7 days).

Top up card

For a minimum purchase of $40, this card allows you to “pay-as-you-go”. The Day Rate will be deducted from the card per day of use, and you can “Top Up” as you like.

This card is ideal for part-time staff, or is also great if you pay for your parking using a credit card as there are Credit Card Only machines dedicated to the Top Up Card. This card is scanned upon entry and exit to the car park by holding your card flat and still against the reader. (Do not swipe)


For more information contact the Car Park Management Office located in Brindabella Business Park.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays)
07:30 to 10:00
12:00 to 13:00
16:00 to 18:00

Address: Car Park 3, 17 Brindabella Cct, Brindabella Business Park, ACT 2609.
Phone: (02) 6275 2227
Email: CustomerService@CanberraAirport.com.au