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Buildings > 18 & 20 Brindabella Circuit

Located in the heart of Town Square, 18 & 20 Brindabella Circuit have been developed as two, four level buildings, married by a spectacular full height glass atrium housing an open staircase and three lifts.

The development has been designed to provide the ultimate flexibility for multi tenanting. The buildings house shared conference rooms, a cafe, breakout areas and storerooms, meaning tenants are able to reduce the amount of office space required comparable to a conventional office building.

Chilled and heated pipes in the perimeter of each floor reduce the levels of radiant heat and cold coming through the windows hence reducing the amount of airflow volume being pushed around the tenancy. This system is massively energy efficient compared to similar systems, leading to a more comfortable working environment and significantly reduced energy costs.

Building Specifications

Completion date
April 2005
Net lettable area
11,344m2 (both buildings)
Visitor parking
32 spaces
Undercroft basement
84 spaces
Available for lease
NABERS* certification
Fitted out
Under Offer

* NABERS = National Australian Built Environment Rating System.
** Commercial office spaces under 2000m2 or 12 months data not available.
*** Currently under assessment for exemption (12 months data not available).
**** Formally exempt – 12 months data not available.
***** Rating assessed as a part of a conglomerate of buildings using a Central Services Plant.