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12 Brindabella Circuit aimed to incorporate the main sustainability features of 8 and 10 Brindabella Circuit, without the significant capital costs traditionally associated with leading green technologies.

Thus began the next generation of sustainable buildings at Canberra Airport, which has since been copied by developers elsewhere. 12 Brindabella Circuit therefore cemented Canberra Airport’s role as a leading sustainable developer, and also proved that sustainability can be obtained at minimal cost without compromising on quality or aesthetic.

Building Specifications

Completion date
May 2006
Net lettable area
Visitor parking
13 spaces
Undercroft basement
30 spaces
Available for lease
100% Leased
NABERS* certification
Expected Completion
Fitted out

* NABERS = National Australian Built Environment Rating System.
** Commercial office spaces under 2000m2 or 12 months data not available.
*** Currently under assessment for exemption (12 months data not available).
**** Formally exempt – 12 months data not available.
***** Rating assessed as a part of a conglomerate of buildings using a Central Services Plant.