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Office Space for lease

4 Brindabella Circuit

With three storeys and a large floor plate design, the building delivers high floor space efficiency, a model subsequently now used in all other buildings of Brindabella Business Park. Sharing the design aspirations of its predecessor at number 2…


10 Brindabella Circuit

Sharing many of the design features of 8 Brindabella Circuit, 10 Brindabella Circuit also set new standards in workplace and building ergonomics, incorporating environmentally friendly sustainable best building practices. Based on a large floor…


12 Brindabella Circuit

12 Brindabella Circuit aimed to incorporate the main sustainability features of 8 and 10 Brindabella Circuit, without the significant capital costs traditionally associated with leading green technologies. Thus began the next generation of…


18 & 20 Brindabella Circuit

Located in the heart of the Town Square, 18 & 20 Brindabella Circuit have been developed as two, four level buildings, married by a spectacular full height glass atrium housing an open staircase and three lifts. The development has been…


23 Brindabella Circuit

The premises at 23 Brindabella Circuit have been designed as a spectacular focal point for the final stage of development at Brindabella Business Park and the centre of activity for those working in and around it With a fully-licensed cafe on the…


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