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2 Brindabella Circuit

The building that started the Brindabella Business Park success story—the award-winning 2 Brindabella Circuit—was designed by Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn architects and built in partnership between Construction Control and the Canberra International Airport. This revolutionary building has inspired the framework for other buildings, amenities and landscape architecture throughout Brindabella Business Park.

Breathtaking concepts for internal and external design work were derived from both the aviation and maritime industries. With seaports of the early 19th century influencing themes, suspended walkways have been modelled on the decks of old ships while the large atrium and steel works resembles that of modern aircraft hangars.

The building shares a state-of-the-art central services plant with several other Park buildings, maximising environmental efficiency through reductions in greenhouse emissions and overall energy costs. The 2 Brindabella Circuit building boasts a range of amenities not found in other comparable off-airport commercial accommodation including its own dedicated cafe, internally landscaped glass atrium, free barbecue areas, access to showers, gym and other sporting facilities and a range of IT solutions, including wireless and broadband technologies.

The building also offers two conference facilities, free one-hour parking spaces directly outside the main doors and access to staff parking and public transport at subsidised rates

Building Specifications

Completion date
February 2001
Net lettable area
Visitor parking
10 spaces
2003 Property Council Rider Hunt Award
Available for lease
NABERS* certification
3 stars
Fitted out

* NABERS = National Australian Built Environment Rating System.
** Commercial office spaces under 2000m2 or 12 months data not available.
*** Currently under assessment for exemption (12 months data not available).
**** Formally exempt – 12 months data not available.
***** Rating assessed as a part of a conglomerate of buildings using a Central Services Plant.